Sci-Fi Action Survival Game For PC

We worked closely with the incredibly talented BitMonster Games team, providing them with long-term community management support, marketing campaigns & PR campaigns, influencer and media outreach and much more. We created and executed marketing campaigns for major updates, Reborn and One Universe.

You can view the in-depth case study here.


Cosmic Trip

Award-Winning RTS VR Game

We supported the incredibly talented Funktronic Labs team from the early access release of their award-winning VR game, Cosmic Trip to the full release. We supported the team by handling and preparing news beats, media outreach, marketing campaigns and more.

Check out Cosmic Trip on Steam here and keep an eye on funktroniclabs.com if you’re into really beautiful and unique games. We are especially proud to have had the opportunity to work with this team.


Reflex Arena

Action-Packed Arena Shooter For PC

We helped in bringing Reflex Arena out of early access to a fully released title on Steam. We helped with media outreach in the US.



A Rogue-Like FPS (I'm Really Bad at This Game)

In 2 months, we created the Polygod website, did creative and target market research, created a master media list, wrote press releases, organized news beats and created the Binding of Isaac guerilla marketing campaign that was incredibly well received by the media and content creators.

Click here to read the in-depth case study.


Heart Forth, Alicia

Pixel Perfection

We supported the HFA team by conducting target market and competitive research. We also helped schedule media demos and manage the HFA booth at PSX 2016.

Learn more about Heart Forth, Alicia here.


Goblins and Grottos

A Comedy Puzzle Platformer For PC

We created and managed the marketing strategy for the Goblins and Grottos full release on Steam. We also supported the Goblin Portal and Psychic Software teams with business development, target market and competitive research, media outreach, steam key distribution and more.

Check out Goblins and Grottos on Steam here.


Shadows of Adam

A Modern Classic JRPG For PC (You Can Suplex a Dragon)

We helped prepare the Something Classic team for the full release of Shadows of Adam on Steam by conducting target market and competitive research, created a shared media master list, handled media outreach, prepared news beats and more.

Check out Shadows of Adam on Steam.


The Exiled

Fast-Paced PvP FTW

We supported the Fairytale Distillery team by conducting very in-depth market research, which included very detailed player personas. We also handled media outreach and published press releases for the US territory.

Check out The Exiled on Steam.


Law Mower

Mow The Damn Lawn

In 1 month, we were able to earn coverage from major media publications including (but not limited to): PC Gamer, Hardcore Gamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, Mashable and more. We also got over 100 people from around the world to mow their lawns.

Learn more about the Law Mower guerilla campaign here.

Check out Law Mower on Steam.