Data Driven Marketing

I’m a data driven marketing specialist. This means I don’t go off of assumptions. When I create a strategy, I have data to help guide my decisions.

Custom Strategies

Every game has something unique about it and because of this, there is always going to be a unique audience that wants to play your game. Each strategy I create is unique just like your video game.

Ethical Marketing

I don’t cut corners. You can rest well knowing that I’m not going to promote your game at the risk of hurting your reputation. To learn more about ethical marketing, check out this page.

What I’ll do

Competitive ResearchCompetitive Research

I start all marketing campaigns by researching your game and similar games. In doing this, I’m able to define where your game stacks up against the competition. Once we understand what makes your game unique in your competitive landscape, we can then define how we’re going to communicate your marketing message.

Traget AudienceIdentify Your Target Audience

Once we understand what makes your game unique, we can work on identifying your target audience and understand there needs. I do this buy creating player personas (more widely known as buyer personas). With these player personas, we will be able to more clearly communicate the values of your game to each player persona.

Player PersonasCreate Player Personas

While identifying our target audience, I will dig deeper and do market research that includes analyzing Google Analytic data, professional studies, issuing surveys and meeting with players that fit your target audience face-to-face. In doing this, I will be able to understand demographics, psychographics and user needs. This will allow me to create players personas that we can create a custom marketing campaign around.

Quality Marketing CampaignCreate a Custom Marketing Campaign

Once we understand where your game stands out against similar games and we understand our target audience, we can create a marketing campaign that clearly communicates the value of your game to each player persona that we’ve created. During my target audience research, I will also be focussing on where your audience goes to learn more about games and who their influencers are. This way, we can structure a campaign that communicates your game’s value to each player persona via their influencers and places they navigate on the web.

Marketing ReportReview & Report

When a campaign is finished, I will review and report relevant metrics to identify if our campaign was a success or not. Either way, you will have a better understanding of your game, your target audience and why it did or did not succeed. We can then proceed onto another campaign.


Since I’m a single freelancer, I have the benefit of not having the overhead that other larger PR firms have. Because of this, my pricing is very flexible. Don’t be afraid to contact me solely because of cost concerns.

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* In reality, I’m a freelancer and all pricing options are negotiable. I list pricing so you have a better idea of what I charge. However, I understand the indie life and am not in the business of taking food from people. Don’t be afraid to bring up pricing and discuss options.

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