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Case study


About The Project

Polygod is a rogue-like, randomly generated FPS being made in South Africa by the very talented developer Dominic Obojkovits. Dominic contacted us a couple months before the early access release of Polygod on Steam. In 2 months, we developed the Polygod website, put together a targetted media list and created the Binding of Isaac guerilla marketing campaign.


What We Did

1. Polygod website

With limited time, Dominic was swift in providing us required media assets to put together the Polygod website. The website includes a nice background video we trimmed from the early access trailer, the Polygod press kit, Polygod landing page, and blog.



What We Did

2. Research (target market/competitive)

During our initial conversations with Dominic, we were able to identify a target audience based off of games that influenced the development of Polygod and the genre (rogue-like). With that in mind, we did some quick and efficient competitive research, while documenting journalists and content creators who covered similar games in a master media list.


What we did

3. BOI marketing campaign

With our target audience in mind, we put together a guerrilla marketing campaign that would reward the most hardcore Binding of Isaac players with a free Polygod Steam key. Our goals were to build a community of hardcore rogue-like players that would support Polygod during its time as an early access title while earning a sizeable amount of media coverage during a highly competitive time of year.

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The results of the BOI marketing campaign exceeded all expectations. We received coverage from some of the largest gaming media publications in the world (Eurogamer, Gamespot, Destructoid etc…). We also made waves on social media, which resulted in exposure to key influencers. A full postmortem of this campaign can be read on Gamasutra.


Keys Redeemed During Promotion

Organic Coverage

From Some of the Largest Media Publications in the World

Campaign Mentions

In Various Podcasts and GDC Talks