Mowing Down the Competition One Lawn at a Time

Case study


About The Project

Law Mower is a game about mowing lawns made by developer Scoria Studios. We had one month to put together a targeted press list, complete competitive and target market research, manage media and content creator outreach/Steam key distribution and put together a unique guerilla marketing campaign to amplify game awareness close to release day.


What We Did

1. Competitive Research & Media List

First, we searched for tags that are relevant to Law Mower on SteamSpy. We pulled results into a spreadsheet and documented earned coverage from games press and content creators. This resulted in a nice master media spreadsheet that we used for all media outreach.



What We Did

2. #LawMowerDay

Once we had our master media list saved, we quickly started thinking of creative ways we could maximize exposure for Law Mower leading up to release day. We ended up with a social media campaign called #LawMowerDay. The campaign was simple: on a specified date, anyone who uploaded a photo of themselves mowing their lawn and shared it with Scoria Studios on Twitter with the hashtag #LawMowerDay would receive a free copy of the game. Basically, we gave everyone who mowed their lawn a game where your goal is to mow every lawn in the world.




With only one month to prepare, we created a social media campaign that got people from around the world to mow their lawns to receive a game about mowing lawns for free. In the process, we earned coverage from sites including (but not limited to): Mashable, PC Gamer, Hardcore Gamer, and RPS.

Over 100

Lawns Mowed During #LawMowerDay

Organic Coverage

From Some of the Largest Media Publications in the World