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About The Project

BitMonster Games is an incredibly talented indie game studio formed of former senior Epic Games team members. We worked together with BitMonster Games to get players excited for their major update titled, Reborn. We worked on the Reborn landing page hub, monster naming contest, newsletter blast, press release and targeted media outreach.


What We Did

1. Landing page hub

We used a drip-feed style of communication when rolling out the Reborn update. This all started with the landing page hub. For 3 days, we revealed new sections on the landing page hub that broke out large updates, improvements, and additions coming to GRAV to give the update a more meaty feel and build anticipation among the GRAV community.



What We Did

2. Monster naming contest

On day 1 of 3 during the Reborn announcement period, we kicked things off with the landing page hub and the first official GRAV monster naming contest. We revealed 4 new monsters coming to GRAV and asked the community to submit names for these monsters. On day 3, we picked our favorite names and added them to the game.


What we did

3. Newsletters and press release

To help drive traffic to the landing page hub and eventually the Steam store page, we sent out newsletters to our list of GRAV subscribers and we published a press release announcing the major update plans. We also sent out personal messages to targeted members of the media and content creators.

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The results of the drip-feed marketing strategy were great. We engaged our community with the monster naming contest and built anticipation over the 3-day communication window. The campaign did a great job in adding new players to GRAV while bringing veteran players back to experience all the new content.


concurrent players (release month vs previous month)

Over 100

name submissions to the monster naming contest


website pageviews (vs previous month)

49.1% CTR

From Reborn announcement newsletter.