Excellent Game Dev Podcasts

If many of you are like me, you love to listen to music/podcasts or whatever is on Twitch.tv while you work or have downtime. With that being said, I’ve recently been exposed to some really cool indie dev podcasts and it got me wanting more. Because of this, I’ve taken the time to search far and wide for some of the very best indie dev podcasts. The podcasts are below and are in no particular order (they’re all pretty awesome in my book). If you have any favorites that you don’t see listed, add them in the comment section below and I’ll add them to the list.

The Game Design Roundtable

Website: http://thegamedesignroundtable.com


Game Design Roundtable is hosted by game designers and is mostly about game design and creation. They talk about both digital and tabletop games.

Game Devs Like You

Website: http://gamedevslikeyou.com


Game Devs Like You is hosted by Chris DeLeon and features excellent interviews with independent game devs and designers.


Website: http://www.bigsushi.fm


BigSushi is another great podcast featuring interviews with various video game developers

Game Dev Radio

Website: http://www.gamedevradio.com


Game Dev Radio features various shows from game dev book club to game design weekly. Game Dev Radio also has many excellent interviews with independent game creators.

Indie Game Riot

Website: http://indiegameriot.com


Indie Game Riot is hosted by three people with a passion for the indie game community. Indie Riot covers all things indie and also features many interviews.

Infinite Ammo

Website: http://infiniteammo.com/podcast


The Infinite Ammo podcast features in-depth conversations with independent game developers.

Designer Notes

Website: http://www.designer-notes.com


Designer Notes is exactly what it sounds like, an all things game design podcast.

The Debug Log

Website: http://thedebuglog.com


A podcast about game development in Unity3D. If you’re using Unity, this is the podcast for you.

Deep Fried Gamer

Website: http://deepfriedgamer.com/


Deep Fried Gamer is a new podcast hosted by Matt Jackson, a senior game designer at Ubisoft Toronto. Deep Fried Gamer is another game design focussed podcast and is aimed at educating students and new game designers.

Indie Dev Podcast

Website: http://indiedevpodcast.com


Indie Dev Podcast is hosted by Tech Evangelist at Microsoft, Dave Voyles. The goal behind Indie Dev Podcast is to interview independent developers in the gaming industry to cover the tech, business, and education side that is often overlooked.


Website: http://www.lostdecadegames.com/lostcast/


Lostcast is hosted by award winning indie game team Lost Decade Games which is founded by Geoff Blair and Matt Hackett. Lostcast has been around for a long time and covers all things indie games.

Experimental Game Dev Podcast

Website: http://www.indiegamepod.com


Experimental Game Dev Podcast is another podcast that has been around for a long time and features many interviews with industry veterans.

Game Design Dojo

Website: http://gamedesigndojo.com


The Game Design Dojo is a podcast all about the design, production, and publishing of video games from an indie game developer perspective.

Game Dev Unchained

Website: http://www.gamedevunchained.com


Game Dev Unchained features interviews with industry veterans and covers in-depth information about running a game development business.

Added Podcasts

Below are podcasts that have been recommended to by various people. If you want to add on to this list, simply leave a comment below and I’ll add your favorite podcasts to this list.

The Psychology of Video Games

Website: http://www.psychologyofgames.com


Each episode of The Psychology of Video Games Podcast features a discussion with a different expert on a specific topic about psychology and video games.

Game Design Zen

Website: http://www.goodgamesbydesign.com

Eric M Hunter

Website: http://ericmhunter.net

Sirlin on Game Design

Website: http://www.sirlin.net/podcast/

Tone Control

Website: https://www.idlethumbs.net/tonecontrol


Website: http://indiemegabooth.com

Creative Coding Podcast

Website: http://creativecodingpodcast.com

Roguelike Radio

Website: http://www.roguelikeradio.com

The Clockwork Game Design Podcast

Website: http://keithburgun.net/podcast-2/

Video Games Hot Dog

Website: http://videogameshotdog.com

One Life Left

Website: http://www.onelifeleft.com

The Zachtronics Podcast

Website: http://www.zachtronics.com/podcast/

Game Audio Podcast

Website: http://www.gameaudiopodcast.com

Beards, Cats and Indie Game Audio

Website: http://indiegameaudio.podbean.com

Super Gamer Podcast

Website: http://supergamerpodcast.com

The Game Design Podcast

Website: http://gamedesignpodcast.finalbossentertainment.com/

Special Thanks

Special thanks to the following people for suggesting podcasts that have been added to the “Added Podcasts” section of this post.

  • islipaway (The Psychology of Video Games, Game Design Zen, Eric M Hunter)
  • JTownlol (Sirlin on Game Design)
  • SureLockHomes21 (Tone Control)
  • Christopher Floyd (IndieMEGACAST)
  • Iain Lobb (Creative Coding Podcast)
  • Milhouse_is_a_meme (Roguelike Radio)
  • apoljack (The Clockwork Game Design Podcast)
  • Kahzgul (Video Games Hot Dog)
  • nomortal2 (One Life Left)
  • siege918 (The Zachtronics Podcast)
  • gamedevradio (Game Audio Podcast)
  • wetshrinkage & KRM Sound (Beards, Cats and Indie Game Audio)
  • 3lijah (Super Gamer Podcast)

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