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My Services

Below are some of the services I can provide. However, I have a wide variety of experience that exceeds the services listed below, so if you need something else, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Want to know how much I charge? Check out my pricing page for all the details.


Public Relations

Let’s increase the overall awareness of your game and create a dedicated community behind it. I can help you turn potential players into brand ambassadors.



Let’s create a marketing strategy that accurately communicates the uniqueness of your game to your target audience.



Whether you want to ask a few questions, or go over a full marketing plan, I’m here to help. Let’s come up with a plan that you can execute while having a better understanding of your marketing strategy.

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Steam Review Audit

My Steam Review audits can help you build trust with your community, increase your positive review score, make a better game and sell more copies.

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